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Thank you for considering me for your creative and/or technology service needs. I pride myself on a strong work ethic, a willingness to exceed my clients expectations and an ability to maintain lasting client/provider relationships by being an exceptional service provider. I have the drive and expertise to quickly become a highly valued asset to my clients.

✓ Technology + Creative Strategy
✓ Front-end Design
✓ Website Design & Development
✓ Precise Back-end Architecture

✓ Project Management & Execution
✓ Finely Crafted SEO + Digital Solutions
✓ Innovative Branding & Marketing
✓ e-Commerce Innovation

My Business Philosophy is simple… I believe by exceeding my clients expectations on a regular basis and providing them with a superior quality of service that no others can match a lasting, mutually beneficial business relationship will evolve.

My approach and personality might be considered different than other Designers or Professionals. For the particular services I perform, at the level I provide them, it’s important to acknowledge not all Clients and Providers are suited to work together. I have a proven track record with years of experience and expertise in my chosen field.

Typically, I’m discovered by word of mouth from one referral to the next. I sincerely hope you will find me to be an exceptional match for your business needs and a valuable asset to your company. Please feel free to call me @ 618.340.5086 or email anytime.

Kindest regards,
Christine Otten | Website and Graphic Design