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Published on: SEO

How much does SEO cost?

This is great information for businesses looking to hire SEO firms. It will answer the much asked question How much does SEO cost? MOZ ran a survey on their blog asking consultants and agencies of all sizes and geographies to contribute their pricing models and cost structures. Here are the results of that survey and should give everyone in the search industry a better idea of the range of fees and the services provided. The below infographic was created by AYTM Market Research with the results from 490 SEO firms who participated in the survey.

• United States – 287 respondents
• United Kingdom – 76 respondents
• Canada – 34 respondents
• Australia/New Zealand – 28 respondents
• Germany/France/Italy/Netherlands – 34 respondents
• India – 31 respondents

Hourly SEO costs vary across countries, but $76-$200/hour is most common With the exception of India (the only developing region that was well-represented in our survey), hourly costs of $76-$200 (representing three responses) covered 50%+ of all firms. It was highest in Australia/New Zealand at 62%, followed by 58.1% in the US and 56% in Canada. Granted, this is a wide range, but it provides the answer to a frequently-asked question from those seeking SEO services for the first time.


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Infographic by SEOmoz & AYTM Market Research