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iPhone Tips

Text Free with Unlimited SMS Computer
Friday / Sep 06, 2013 /

Text Free with Unlimited SMS From Your Computer or MAC

Christine Otten

You can send a text message from your computer or MAC to any cell phone via this handy FREE software. Text Free with Unlimited SMS Computer. This is great if you can’t get a signal out of your office or if you’re over on your monthly text messages or just like using a computer as opposed to a…

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Designs by Christine Otten | Turn OFF iPhone Spotlight Feature
Wednesday / Sep 04, 2013 /

Turn OFF the iPhone Spotlight Search

Christine Otten

I’m supposed to be the Tech Savvy one out of the group but it was one of my dear friends who showed me something on the iPhone that was just horrifying… On an iPhone go to the search feature, type in any word, phrase, or name you know you’ve typed somewhere into the iPhone before….

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