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Desktop, Laptop or Tablet?
Wednesday / Feb 18, 2015 /

What is best for you: Desktop, Laptop or Tablet?

Christine Otten

With ample choices for computing needs several consumers find themselves confused on what to buy. So let’s start to determine which is best for your needs: Desktop, Laptop or Tablet? It’s best to start out by determining your budget, required specifications for specific software and desired options. Followed by answering a few simple questions to…

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What to do if your laptop won't turn on
Thursday / Sep 05, 2013 /

What to do if your laptop won’t turn on

Christine Otten

Your laptop won’t turn on and you’re freaking out! What should you do?  This simple ‘resetting’ procedure may or may not correct your problem but it’s always the 1st few things you should try when your laptop won’t turn on. These steps can be tried on any brand, model, size laptop/netbook and will not harm it in anyway….

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